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Visscher Seafood

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Our values

Fresh all-natural fish from the North Atlantic Ocean. We take pride in making pure fish products, free of chemicals and antibiotics. With our natural salmon aquaculture program VÅRLAKS in Norway and our farming company Organic Sea Harvest in Scotland we control the entire supply chain from egg to plate. Our production facilities meet the highest requirements and are ideally located. This gives us the perfect conditions to serve customers all over the world with first-class quality fish.

All-Natural Fish. Visscher Seafoods’ superior quality products are free of chemicals and antibiotics. To obtain the best fish in the world we stick to these values:


We enjoy working hard every day to achieve our goals. We want to be ahead of our competitors at all times through constant innovation and improvement. Every single day.

Origin Matters

The North Atlantic Ocean is in our DNA, our ancestors have been living from it for millennia thanks to our world renowned marine stewardship. We love our all-natural, delicious and sustainable seafood and want to share it with the world. Now and in the future.


We enjoy adventure and developing new things. Exploring new markets, inventing new concepts and developing ourselves. All Visscher colleagues are given the opportunity to develop themselves through education, training and experience.