Visscher Seafood specializes in the production of Atlantic salmon. Thanks to our own farms and multiple processing plants, we control the entire value chain. We complement our salmon offering with both wild and farmed whitefish products from selected suppliers. Our unique proposition is possible thanks to the strategic location of our facilities. 


White Fish

All-Natural North Atlantic Seafood

With a strong focus on sustainability and freshness, we farm and source premium salmon from the North Atlantic. From whole fish to fillets, steaks, and portions, we offer a variety of options to suit your specific requirements. Our salmon products are known for their superior taste, rich omega-3 content, and firm texture, making them a sought-after choice for your clientele. 

In addition to salmon, our whitefish selection is second to none. We provide a wide range of whitefish varieties, such as cod, halibut, and sea bass, meticulously sourced from reputable fisheries and farms. With a commitment to consistent quality, our whitefish products complement our salmon range and allow us to be a one-stop supplier for wholesalers and retailers alike.  

As seafood professionals, we understand the importance of efficiency and reliability in your operations. That’s why we offer competitive pricing, flexible shipping, and dependable logistical services to ensure your products arrive fresh and on time, every time. With our exceptional selection and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner in the seafood industry.  

To further enhance your confidence in our products, we provide detailed information about the origin of our seafood. Each product is accompanied by a traceability code, allowing you to track its journey from the farm or catching area to our facilities. This transparency ensures that you can confidently communicate the provenance and sustainability of our salmon and whitefish to your own customers.