Visscher Seafood is specialized in salmon production and distributes a wide product range of Atlantic salmon and trout. With our natural salmon farming program VÅRLAKS as well as our own organic salmon farm, we control the entire supply chain from egg to plate. It is our goal to grow the best salmon in the world without using additives or antibiotics. We take pride in making pure, delicious and healthy fish products and to make these accessible worldwide. 


Pristine quality fresh salmon, fully tailored to your wishes. Delivered exactly where you want it and when you want it.


Glazed to your preferences and deep-frozen to maintain freshness. 

Smoked & Canned

Consumer-ready products of the highest quality. 


Our premium retail brand of naturally farmed Norwegian salmon. 

Sustainably sourced, carefully processed

We work closely together with salmon farms across Norway, Faroe Island, Scotland, Ireland and Iceland. By selecting the best sourcing partners for our Atlantic salmon, we can supply pristine salmon year round. With multiple facilities throughout Europe, our state-of-the-art salmon lines are certified according to the highest requirements when it comes to food safety.

It doesn't get any fresher

With daily deliveries of fresh salmon, we supply and distribute only the freshest fish. Within 48 hours after harvest, the salmon arrives in our facility to be processedFully tailored to your wishes, our state-of-the-art salmon lines precisely fillets and trims the fish to your specifications. 

Freshly frozen

Our entire fresh product range is available frozen. Using IQF-technology, the product is frozen for convenience without compromising freshness or quality. The same treatment is possible for vacuum-packed salmon fillets, portions or steaks to further extend shelf life. 

Smoked & Canned

Ready to eat smoked and canned delicacies. Our delicious value-added products are a fantastic addition to any retailer or wholesaler’s product range. 

Our premium retail brand with products made from naturally farmed salmon. Thanks to our own natural faming program we control the entire supply chain from egg to plate. Read the story of VÅRLAKS. 

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