Sockeye Catch 2022

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Our buyers have selected the best quality MSC certified wild sockeye salmon from the Alaskan waters. Available for delivery all over Europe.

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MSC Sockeye Whole

  • Spec: Headed & Gutted
  • Size: 4-6Lbs (1.8-2.7kg)
  • Packaging: 521.63kg Carton Totes
  • Price: 13.50 EUR/kg

Exw. Coldstore Urk

MSC Sockeye Fillets

  • Spec: IVP, PBI, Trim D
  • Size: 600-1.000g
  • Packaging: Ca. 10kg carton Box
  • Price: 19.95 EUR/kg

Exw. Coldstore Urk

Wild & Sustainable

Our wild salmon comes from a wild and pristine ecosystem in the Eastern part of the Bering Sea, home to the largest source of wild sockeye on the planet. Sustainability is the driving force in Alaska’s fishing industry. The local community is committed to sustainable fishing practices, based on science-based research and enforced rules. All of these facets contribute to a sustainable harvest during the frenetic weeks of the Alaskan salmon run.

Each summer, wild salmon migrate from the open ocean back up the rivers to the lakes of their birth to lay their eggs, completing the natural life cycle which is unique to wild sockeye salmon. The rivers are packed with the fast group of fish swimming upstream to spawn.

Scientists and biologists closely monitor the amount of fish being harvested and count the wild salmon that move through the fishing areas and upstream to protected spawning beds. Typical fishing season dates run June-July in Alaska’s short summer season. The past few years have been record-breaking numbers of fish returning to the Alaskan peninsula.

Wild Nutrition

Wild sockeye salmon is a major source of marine omega-3 fatty acids, containing high amounts of DHA and EPA. These acids are crucial for our bodies to promote heart health, improve blood flow and participate in brain function. Furthermore, wild salmon is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Wild Alaskan salmon has a natural diet of krill and plankton, which provide its iconic scarlet-red hue. The result is a powerful source of heart-healthy nutrition. 

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