At Visscher Seafood the North Atlantic Ocean is in our DNA, our ancestors have been living from it for millennia thanks to our world-renowned marine stewardship. We love our all-natural, delicious and sustainable seafood and want to share it with the world. Now and in the future. In order to do so we have to chosen to commit to 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission is to make pure North Atlantic Seafood available for the world.

We are promoting the consumption of healthy omega-3 rich seafood worldwide.

We constantly invest in high quality education and training for our people.

We are developing new solutions for packaging and cooling.

We are reducing CO2 emissions by efficient new ways of transportation.

Our goal is to have all our fish certified MSC, ASC or Organic by 2030.

We collaborate with partners inside and outside the industry to achieve these goals.