White Fish

Ever since our founding, Visscher Seafood has been processing whitefish species. With our processing facilities located near the biggest fish auction in Europe, we have daily access to fresh landings of the highest quality whitefish.

Nordic White Fish

Halibut | 5-40kg
Halibut fillet | 400-700g
Monkfish tail | 1-6kg
Cod | 1-8kg
Cod fillet | 200g-1.5kg+
Cod loin | 200g-1kg+
Saithe | 1-8kg+
Haddock | 0,5-3kg
Ling cod | 1-6kg+

North Sea White Fish

Turbot | 200g-8kg+
Plaice | 300-800g+
Dover sole | 100-800g+

Mediterranean White Fish

Dorado | 300g-1.5kg
Sea bass | 300g-3kg
Corvina 2-5kg
Pagrus 400g-1kg+

Sustainable fishing, protecting our oceans

At Visscher Seafood, we are committed to providing sustainable and fresh white fish products of exceptional quality to meet modern demands. We are able to provide multiple species of certified whitefish, both wild and farmed.

Whole, filleted and value-added products

Our white fish selection encompasses a variety of species sourced from the pristine waters of the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea. Renowned for their cold and nutrient-rich environment, these seas produce white fish with superior taste and texture. With careful consideration for sustainability, we work closely with certified fisheries to ensure responsible harvesting practices and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

In addition to wild-caught white fish, we offer premium farmed white fish from the Mediterranean Sea. Our Mediterranean white fish, including species such as sea bass and sea bream, are carefully raised in sustainable aquaculture farms. These farms follow strict protocols to maintain optimal water quality and fish welfare, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability.