Announcing organizational change 

Dear Clients, Suppliers, and Stakeholders, 

We are pleased to inform you about a significant organizational change at Visscher Seafood. This restructuring, effective immediately, is a result of our recent expansion. With locations across multiple countries and over 50.000 metric tonnes of salmon distributed through our system the time is right to re-organize our activities.  

Three New Divisions  

Our restructuring has led to the installation of three specialized divisions, each operating in and under its own entity (BV), all under the umbrella of the Visscher Seafood Group. (Illustrated in the organizational chart below.) 

  1. Aquaculture: The aquaculture division will hold our investments in fish farming companies, managing our group’s exposure to this part of the industry while building a strong seafood value chain.  
  2. International: This division brings together our international trading offices from Norway to around the world, enhancing our global reach and market engagement. 
  3. Sales & Processing: Focused on processing and sales, this division will process and sell our value added products operating in the market under the name Visscher Seafood.  

Leadership buy-in 

We are also pleased to announce a new development in our leadership. Johannes Korf, our Head of Sales, is joining as partner in the Sales and Processing division. The ownership of Visscher Seafood Group remains with the Brouwer Food Group and our CEO Tim Brouwer. 

We look forward to navigating this new phase of our journey with your ongoing support and collaboration. 


Visscher Seafood Group 

For inquiries: 
Karin Hulst 

+31 527 68 14 21