Our Ambition

Our ambition for 2025 is to have grown our company, but not with just salmon alone. This we will achieve by focusing on sustainability, diversification and brand building. We will invest to make our company more digital and data-driven. Locally we’ll be known as the workplace where people develop and grow.

1. World Wide Presence

By 2025 we will have a weekly recurring customer base on 4 continents. 50% of our turnover will come from overseas markets.

2. Sustainability

By 2025 two-thirds of all our seafood will be either MSC, ASC or Organic certified.

3. Product Diversification

By 2025 10% of our revenue will come from our white fish category.

4. Brand Building

By 2025 the sales of our brand portfolio surpasses 10 million euro and will be listed at retail chains in five countries on 2 continents.

5. Data & Digitalization

By 2025 the work purchase, sales and production process will be made more efficient by working data driven. Purchase, sales and production process will be real time accessible.

6. Education

By 2025 we will have reimbursed as many trainings, courses and other forms of education as we have people on our payroll.