Our vision

Fishing isles’ culture, worldwide view. Like many of the aquaculture and fishing companies we own or cooperate with, our company has its foundation in a small North Atlantic fishing community with strong cultural values. We cherish our origin whilst having an open view with regards to our friends and partners across the globe. We have a tremendous drive to grow and develop ourselves to elevate our community by bringing our fantastic seafood to the world.

Our values

Origin | We take pride in our origin. The North Atlantic Ocean is in our DNA, our ancestors have been living from it for millennia thanks to our world-renowned marine stewardship. We love our all-natural, delicious and sustainable seafood and want to share it with the world. Now and in the future.

Sportsmanship | Good sportsmanship is the foundation of our culture. We are a winning team because we are supportive and respectful toward one another. We have a positive attitude and we play a fair game. Our goal is to perform at the highest level. Every single day.

Development | We enjoy adventure and developing new things. Exploring new markets, inventing new concepts and developing ourselves. All Visscher colleagues are given the opportunity to develop themselves through education, training and experience.

Our mission is to build coastal
communities by bringing our pure
North Atlantic seafood to the world

Our strategy

We have a strong belief in the future of our seafood as the most healthy and sustainable source of protein for the world. Therefore, our strategy is to be invested in the three key-elements of the seafood value chain. Aquaculture, Processing and International sales & marketing.