New: 10K OTR Film Packaging

Our salmon and trout is now available in 10K OTR film packaging, a plastic film that makes seafood more hygienic, reduces mealtime cleaning and is easier to work with.

The 10K film is made of highly permeable material and is FDA approved for packaging fresh fish. The high-shrinkage material provides a skin-tight, oxygen-permeable barrier while keeping seepage and purge out of the product. The skin-tight 10k OTR vacuum bags also allow the product to be rapidly chilled and shipped at the lowest possible temperature.


Fish contains a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which you encounter everywhere in nature. This spore-forming bacteria only grows well in an environment without oxygen, like vacuum sealed fish. We call this anaerobic growth.

The 10K OTR vacuum bag is oxygen permeable, allowing food to be sealed from environmental contaminants like bacteria, dirt or chemicals, while allowing oxygen to pass the sealed barrier. This prevents anaerobic bacteria growth, which in turn prevents anaerobic bacteria by-products like the Botulinum neurotoxin.

The benefits of 10K OTR vacuum packaging

Do you want to learn more about 10K OTR bags and its packaging technique, or would you like to discuss the possibilities for salmon and trout fillets for you business? Get in touch with our sales department!