Visscher Seafood expands

Now that our environmental permit issued, we hope to start during this year with the long-awaited expansion of our factory in the Netherlands.
After our most recent rebuilding in 2015, our salmon processing has taken off. With the new remodeling, the built-up area will almost double.

Brands and products

“Especially with the further roll-out of our brands and value-added products through collaborations with partners, we expect a substantial expansion of both manpower and product offerings,” said the CEO.

Here you can check out what the building will look like in the future.

In the photo you can clearly see the additions that our building is getting. The rear section with the elevation will be a completely new addition to the current building.The areas at the glass wall at the front will be extended further to make room for additional work and meeting spaces.

The expansion of our headquarters and largest processing facility is a great complement to our newly opened facility in the United States to better serve customers worldwide.